Ordeal Candidates

Congratulations on your election into BSA’s National Honor Society! The induction ceremony, called the Ordeal, is the first step toward full membership in the Order. The entire experience is designed to teach significant values.


The Ordeal is offered on the following dates and must be completed within 1 year of your election or nomination date.


Check-in for the Ordeal will be at the Camp Office, at 5:00 PM.  The weekend events begin promptly at 7:00 PM.  Late arrivals are unfortunately not permitted. The Ordeal ends at approximately 7:00 PM on Saturday, but the overall Induction weekend will end around 11:00 AM on Sunday.


Pre-registration is required for all members, at all events, including Ordeal Candidates.  This helps us with meal planning and to ensure that there are enough materials for all new participants. The event cost is $40.00 for Ordeal Candidates, which includes event fee, Ordeal Sash, membership flap and other required materials.


Review the Ordeal Packing Instructions for the details of what all you’ll need.

You do not need any cooking gear, as all meals are provided during the weekend.

Plan to eat before arriving at camp. Dinner will NOT be served Friday evening.

You MUST bring a completed Medical Form (Parts A & B are required).


Attend Lodge and Section events to learn more about the Order and how you can best serve your Troop, District, and Council.  After 6 months of active membership in the Order, an Ordeal member can advance to Brotherhood membership.

Due to the cancellation of many induction events, candidates that were elected February 1, 2019 through July 1, 2020 will have 24 months from the date of election to complete their ordeal.

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