Shenandoah Lodge Leadership

Lodge Chief

Donathan Linebrink

Hi, I’m Donathan Linebrink, your 2021-22 Lodge Chief. I am a Vigil Honor member of Shenandoah Lodge in the Saponi Chapter, I’ve been in the lodge since 2018 and have served on camp staff just as long. I am an Eagle Scout and a senior in high school. I look forward to serving as your 2021-22 Lodge Chief and leading us to 2 successful Conclaves and 1 NOAC.

VC of Program

Ben Annan

Hey! I’m Ben Annan from Nagatamen Chapter. I’ve been a Chapter Chief there, as well as our Conclave Chair for 2021. In this Lodge Year I will be running all the events the Lodge has to offer such as the Fellowships or Winter Banquet. I am committed to rethinking our activities. I will be leading these committees: Service, Ceremonies, AIA, Trail Crew, Events, and Leadership Development committees. WWW

VC of Outreach

Elliot Potter

Howdy, My name is Elliott Potter, I am an Eagle Scout from Nagatamen Chapter. I am the first Vice Chief of Outreach. My main goal is improving communication from the Lodge to the units and doing more to promote the OA. I will be overseeing the Communication and Unit Representative committee. I’m happy to be working with you all and improving our wonderful Lodge. 258, we are great!!

VC of Inductions

Connor Wolfe

Hello everyone! My name is Connor Wolfe. I am your 2021-2022 Lodge Vice Chief of Inductions. I have been a member of Shenandoah lodge since August 2017. I am the immediate past Chapter Chief of Achewon Allohak and a Polestar Training Facilitator. As Vice Chief of Inductions, I am charged with making sure the entire induction process, from election to brotherhood, runs smoothly. Please reach out to me if you are interested in the unit elections, ordeal, or brotherhood committees, or just interested in the inductions process.


Ethan Jones

Hey everyone, my name is Ethan Jones. I’m a 4-year Arrowman out of the Monocan chapter, and your 2021-2022 Lodge Secretary/treasurer. As your secretary and treasurer, I will be recording our LEC’s, dealing with membership information, and handling the financial information. I will also be working with the Trading Post and Finance Committee, Brand and Merchandise Committee, and the Historian Committee.